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Formed from a passion for watches and adventure, Vazon Watches is an independent designer and producer of wrist watches. Founder and owner, David has a love of the British isles and named the company after a beautiful beach on the island of Guernsey he visited as a child.

Keen to make high-quality, affordable timepieces, Vazon launched with a range of sports-styled watches, growing a solid online community and admiration for their beautiful, high-performance watches.

Boxhead have been involved from the inception of the new brand, working on everything from the product materials, styling and details to social strategies, packaging solutions and product promotions.

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The Vazon Story

The first step to establishing Vazon’s marketing strategy was to build out the brand story. The hero of the story is always the customer, so we started with defining who a Vazon man is, what they’re inspired by and how the Vazon brand story would resonate with them.

We identified a Vazon man as being someone who lives life off the beaten track, a risk taker with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for adventure. Keeping this person front and centre, we established that Vazon had to be not just a product, but a lifestyle.

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The Spirit of Island Life

“Five years ago, we set out to create hand assembled watches of the highest quality craftsmanship. We combined this pursuit with our passion for adventure and Vazon Watches was born. Our hope is that our handcrafted timepieces inspire you to get off the beaten track and make the most of your time.

We find inspiration in our surroundings. Living in the Channel Islands, you learn a thing or two about getting off the beaten track for a moment in time to be present. Time to reignite a passion for adventure, to take that risk that could transform the landscape of your life.

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Here on Guernsey, our landscape daily illustrates to us the transformative power of time. With a tidal range of 33 feet, one of the largest in the world, our coastline is completely transformed every six hours or so. Our mission is simple. A small moment in time can have big impact and we value those moments that spark new direction, whether big or small.”

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“We’ve had the privilege of being involved from way before ‘day one’ with Vazon, having built a great relationship with the owner across various other projects, so now seeing this idea really come to life is superb.

From working with influencers around the world, to building out complex marketing funnels and digital strategies to enable great audience engagement - there’s loads in the pipeline and still so much more to come from Vazon, it’s such an exciting brand to be working with.”


Content Strategy

Keeping the target customer in mind, we determined what meaningful content looked like for them. We identified content pillars to bring the brand story to life in a way that was engaging, informative and inspiring:

  1. Sand Racing - the history of sand racing in the Channel Islands plus key collaborations with today’s racers, photographers and event organisers.
  2. Off The Beaten Track - collaborating with content creators to share travel guides and off the beaten track recommendations for the Channel Islands and beyond.
  3. The Spirit of The Sand Racer - sharing interviews and inspiration from the stories of entrepreneurial men who’ve taken risks, ditched the nine to five and started their own businesses.
  4. The Vazon Timepiece - sharing lifestyle, aspirational imagery of the watch itself and sharing its story; from how it was designed and built to how the story continues on the wrist of our customer.
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One of our influencer partners Connor O’Donnell

Starting Vazon from the ground up meant that we were building the audience from scratch, so collaboration was key in our content creation. We identified key leaders of influence in the target audience and worked together with them to share and amplify, ensuring we maximised our reach across the channels at our disposal, growing the Vazon audience and building a community around the brand. Paid social was used to further amplify our storytelling, bring traffic to the site and increase sales.

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Ongoing partnerships with key content creators who aligned with the brand story and aesthetic were built and we worked together with them on content creation, from lifestyle imagery to longer form blog content. This ensured that Vazon stood out from the competition with a strong, visual identity and that the community around the brand grew organically. Our target customer discovered Vazon through their favourite content creator, then followed Vazon on Instagram, joined the Vazon club newsletter and then purchased their own watch, often in turn becoming an ambassador for the brand, leaving a review or sharing the watch on their own social media.

The Sandracer Watch Series

As mentioned before, Vazon beach is famous for the Sandracing that takes place there. Hundreds of competitors turn out with modified motorbikes and cars to race down the long stretch of beach, which has been an official event for some time now.

We couldn’t resist bringing this amazing, adventurous and exhilarating atmosphere not be part of the watch brand itself - thus the first watch series was born: The Sandracers.

We worked with Johannes Huwe, a well recognised professional analogue photographer to bring some imagery and back-story to the new range and it’s safe to say it did the trick - engaging the whole community and the lovable ‘petrol-heads’ further afield. Collaborations are well underway with the event itself for the future.

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